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Kylian Mbape's father reacts to transfers from Real Madrid

Kylian Mbappe, the father of World Cup superstar, says he is getting sick and tired from conversations that say his son signs for Real Madrid.

The 20-year-old, a teenager, when he won the biggest prize in football, has since become associated with the Spanish giants.

But his father Wilfried Mbappe has classified the constant speculation as "embarrassing".

It does not look like a bad night, because Paris Saint-Germain will also do much to change the outlook.

The French champions lost 5-1 to Lille on the runner-up and missed the chance to finish Ligue 1 for the second weekend in a row – and the striker says he lacks the character.

Mbappe was angry at the performance in Lille

Mbappe had scored two goals offside, and after another bad season in the Champions League, rumor is he might be leaving.

But his father told the French newspaper Le Parisien, "Before I read and looked at everything, but not anymore.

"It's like a chocolate cake, if you eat too much, you get an upset stomach, and sometimes there's disinformation.

"OK, Kylian is a public person, but I do not understand that there are everyday things about him, it's embarrassing.

"I am no longer able to do things that were done everyday, sometimes we need peace, and today everybody knows that name."

PSG has once again seized the opportunity to win the league

The world champion was connected with Real Madrid

Mbappe himself had much to say even after the defeat of Lille – he complained that the expensive assembled side lacks the personality.

He said to Canal +, "You can not lose this way, we can not miss such a character, you concede 3, 4, 5 goals – that's not normal.

"They are a good team, congratulations to them, they have fantastic fans, a pretty stadium, but we have to play with more personality, that's one of our weaknesses, I think we'll have to fix that quickly."

"We also can not be over the top, people will talk about the club, I do not know what else is."

"Today we played like amateurs, we need to regroup, it's a game on Wednesday, but I think we need to stop losing like that."

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