Kylian Mbappé at PSG: the Frenchman’s renewal contract is the most expensive in football history | Transfers | France | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

the novel of Kylian Mbappé with the PSG saw its final point last Saturday. The French star announced in the preview of the match against Metz, for the last day of the Ligue 1, who will stay at the Parisian institution for three more seasons. With this, the rumors that placed him as the new Real Madrid signing for this summer disappeared.

The extension of the former Monaco’s link with the ‘bleus’ will be, in principle, until 2025. This is the date on which a team can again be interested in him and try to sign him. Although, of course, removing the footballer from the club will not mean less expense due to the importance of his new contract.

As revealed by the Italian newspaper ‘La Reppublica’ this Monday, PSG will spend 435 million euros to have Mbappé. This impressive amount is divided into three great concepts to create the most expensive contract in the history of football.

The first section that Mbappé’s renewal has is related to his reward for deciding not to leave the team and sign. The aforementioned medium explains that for just staying, the player will receive 100 million euros. This is only for accepting the proposal, because the Qatari leaders seek to motivate him.

Secondly, the point that will generate the most expense for PSG appears: Kylian’s salary. The attacker, who in recent years has become one of the most important footballers on the planet, will receive 50 million net a year, which would add up to a total of 150 million for three seasons. But this figure, explained in team spending, will rise to 300 for taxes and the like.

Finally, 35 million euros appear that were not on PSG’s list of expenses, but that they will have to assume. Monaco, the club that owns the striker’s training rights, will receive this money from the Parisian entity, despite the fact that no type of transfer has been made.

As ‘La Reppublica’ explains, the team from the Principality has an agreement since they sold Mbappé, in which it is explained that if there is a renewal of the bond, they will also be able to receive a juicy amount.

Real Madrid’s new goal

Another objective of Real Madrid for the summer transfer market has confirmed that, in no way, will he land in Chamartín next season. It is nothing less than Jude Bellingham, the young Borussia Dortmund midfielder who, aware of the rumors that place him in Spain, assured that he will not move.

According to the newspaper AS, the player from the Bundesliga team entered Madrid’s transfer schedule a few weeks ago. He was the one to start the midfield rejuvenation. However, only the idea of ​​continuing in Germany passes through the player’s head.

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