Kylie Jenner and Co.: These stars pollute the air

Kylie Jenner boards private jet for 3-minute flight

34 tons of CO2. That’s how much Kylie Jenner’s private plane uses according to the analysis of “Celebrity Jets” on Twitter, if it gets you from A to B. The distance between A and B is whole 60 kilometers – that would be three minutes flying time.




From a rational point of view, an airplane would take longer to take off than it would take to be in the air itself. Many people are asking themselves (not without reason): Don’t stars and rich people have to do anything about climate change?

The 24-year-old received a huge shit storm for her thoughtless action. By the way, Kylie’s Instagram account is one of the 20 most successful ever! Among other things, users wrote: “People are tired of celebrities telling us how we’re destroying the environment when they do it themselves!”

THIS student tracks the flights of the stars

Sure – the plot twist: Kim Kardashian, for example, tweets „Climate change is real” and then squanders two tons of CO2 during a 17-minute flight within California. The provides facts and figures for this Celebrity Jets Twitter account of 19-year-old Florida student Jack Sweeney.

These stars also fly around unnecessarily

With the help of freely accessible aviation data, Sweeney takes the celebrity world really hops. He regularly tweets the flight routes of various stars and calculates the CO2 emissions. The numbers: frightening! Mark Wahlberg recently left a massive carbon footprint of 21 tons, and Sweeney even has one for Elon Musk’s consumption extra Twitter-Account – what an honour”!

Also Stars like Taylor Swift or Jay-Z and Beyoncé jet around in their private planes and like to end up on Sweeney’s list. Even if the comments are mostly quite amusing, the numbers behind them are absurdly high and anything but good for the globe…