Kylie Jenner chose a ‘silly’ Arabic word as the name for her son: “Who’s going to tell her?”

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Kylie Jenner announced on Sunday, almost a year after the birth of her son, what the boy’s name is: Aire. Anyone who speaks Arabic knows that this is not a smart choice. “Who is going to tell her?” asks an Arabic-speaking TikTokker.


Sunday, January 22, 2023 at 10:42 PM

“Air” in Spanish or “a surface” in French: you may already know these meanings of the word “aire.” However, Arabic-speaking tiktokers and tweeters have pointed to another translation since Kylie’s announcement. Aire would mean ‘my penis’ in Arabic, or at least in certain dialects. That says a TikTokker in a video that has since been viewed 7 million times, and is confirmed in various tweets.

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However, Kylie needn’t worry too much. The Arabic word for ‘my penis’ is pronounced ‘ayri’. Jenner revealed on Snapchat that her son’s name is pronounced “air.” So you don’t pronounce the ‘e’ at the end.

Aire is already the second name Kylie chooses for her son. When he was born, she announced that the boy’s name was Wolf, but not much later announced that she would change the name because it did not suit the baby. Only now did she reveal the real name. Aire is now almost a year old. Daughter Stormi Webster is now four years old. In early January, it was announced that Kylie and Travis Scott, the father of her children, are no longer a couple.

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