Kylie Jenner: Her bikini is fueling the “Free the Nipple” discussion

Kylie Jenner is heating up a well-known discussion with her bikini top

Kylie Jennermakeup mogul, mother and swimwear maker, has joined the Free the Nipple movement, a form of social media protest that peaked in 2014 and continues to spark legitimate debate.

Let’s start from the beginning. Kylie Jenner posts a snap on Instagram showing her in a bikini top. So far so normal. What is actually “special” is what can be seen as a print ON her bikini: female nipples or breasts in the same skin color as Kylie Jenner. She comments on her post with “free the nipple” and the statement could hardly be more appropriate. The only question is how long the post can stay on Instagram, since the social media app censors or deletes “female” nipples, but not male ones – sexist double standards send their regards. As an example, Rihanna’s account was deleted in 2014 after she posed revealingly and exposed her nipples in some pictures.

Instagram / @ kyliejenner

That’s why Kylie Jenner’s picture is fueling discussions on the Internet about the “Free the Nipple” movement

Kylie Jenner capped comments on the post within minutes of making it public on Monday, June 6th. Before she did, her followers came forward with comments like “free them” and “we just want to know your son’s name ????”. Brief Explanation: Jenner welcomed her second child with boyfriend Travis Scott in February, announcing that the baby was a boy named Wolf. A short time later she announced that the baby wasn’t called Wolf after all because they didn’t like the name. The new name has not yet been released. But the post is actually about something much more important: Why are we women not allowed to show our nipples or breasts in public? With men this is never a problem.

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The answer is: the female breast is mostly sexualized. Whether breastfeeding in public or sunbathing. The looks are pre-programmed, although the female breast is just normal and natural – and just part of our body. In unmarked nudist areas, women are threatened with evictions or even fines. men, on the other hand, do not. Once again, equality does not exist at all in this regard. If it were socially equal that both men and women were NOT allowed to show their upper bodies naked, this discussion would probably never have boiled up to such an extent and, above all, it would not have been discussed for so many years. Thank you Kylie Jenner for making it an issue again thanks to you.

Will we see more stars in “nude” clothes soon?

In the second image of the post, Kylie Jenner tagged fashion house Jean Paul Gaultier; her bodice appears to be part of a line of… how else to put it: nude clothing? The somewhat different fashion collection is a collaboration between Jean Paul Gaultier and stylist Lotta Volkova. The fashion line includes various dresses, tops and bikinis featuring a nude female body – various skin tones are available. The boobs are obvious like Kylie Jenner, the butt is also exposed but the crotch is blurry so not really visible. We’re very excited to see who will join Kylie Jenner and take the nipple discussion to the next round!