Kylie Jenner showed the most real side of breastfeeding and many mothers feel identified

Motherhood isn’t easy, even for celebrities like Kylie Jennerwho must face challenges such as breastfeeding, a stage that can be painful, demanding and exhausting for many.

Even loaded with ‘accidents’ as happened to the influencer when she recorded a video for her TikTok account, that instead of deleting it or refraining from publishing it, wanted to go ahead to show the world the real experiences that mothers have to go through.

During the filming of a makeup tutorial, Kylie Jenner recorded her face and when she exposed her chest, He noticed that he had a breast milk stain on his shirt, something that he coped with very naturally and humorously.

“It seems that I am lactating”, she said when seeing the detail in her clothes, something normal for a woman who has a 6-month-old baby like her and who constantly secretes milk naturally.

The famous 25-year-old smiled and continued their conversation as if nothing had happened while his 47.4 million followers on the platform watched this moment and many also praised her for visualizing these situations that women suffer.

“I understand you, I also stained all my sweatshirts”, “Hardly anyone talks about how uncomfortable it is to notice that you stained your blouse with milk”“I died of shame every time it happened to me”, “Having a baby is great until you have to suffer with breastfeeding”, “I can identify with the Kylie that gets dirty with milk”, “I love this”; Netizens weighed in in the comments section.

On the other hand, the American took advantage of the moment to promote her new collection: a collaboration with her mother, Kris Jenner, which includes new shades in her well-known lipsticks.