Kylie Jenner shows the trick she hides under her clothes: video at the gym

He has done it again. No wonder Kylie Jenner have millions of followers around the world. These reward your naturalness. The businesswoman is very close to her fans. In social networks, he usually shares his day to day without any kind of shame. She is not one of those celebrities who loves to be seen as super perfect, she also has imperfections and has wanted to show it.

Since launching her brands ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ and ‘KyliseSkin’, Kylie Jenner took over the world of makeup and beauty. Thanks to her empire she has become a billionaire. In his social networks he always appears with his own makeup to sell it. However, she is also in favor of the freedom of the skin and showing herself as one is. Jenner has shown her natural beauty, without filters and without makeup. No tricks. An image that has been applauded on social networks.

No makeup yes, but no girdle

“Can we make it a trend not to wear filters?” and “We have to return to life without filters”wrote the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star. And now, to make good on what she said, Kylie showed herself without a single drop of makeup at her most recent sleepover with her BFFs.

Businesswoman met with Stassie Karanikolaou, Fai Khadra, Tiffany Sorya y Victoria Villarroel to enjoy a fantastic evening, in which they enjoyed long talks and the new chapters of their favorite series. However, we want to dwell more on the stories that were uploaded just a few hours before this fun night with friends.

As usual, Kylie Jenner performs his hard workouts, for his health and for showing a great body of ten. Jenner was making ribbon decked out with some tight brown leggings and a very low-cut lycra shirt. However, you could see the girdle she used to reduce her waist. A trick widely used by the Kardashians to show off a body that is not real. Will one day show up without a girdle and will it be natural?

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