Kyrie Irving defended … by a Laker!

The Kyrie Irving case is talking a lot at the start of the season. The leader is still not vaccinated, which causes a wave of protest among fans and observers. But to everyone’s surprise, the leader was defended… by a Laker!

The season has not yet started until Kyrie Irving is already the center of attention in the NBA microcosm. In the same way that he had been made leader of the movement against the resumption of the 2020 season in the bubble, he who would have preferred to fight in the streets with the African-American community against police violence, the leader of the Nets is today. hui perceived as the leader in anti-vaccines.

Even though New York State guidelines are strict and he won’t be able to play any home game without at least one dose of the vaccine, Uncle Drew is still reluctant to the idea. maybe the huge financial penalty put in place by the league these last hours could convince him to pass into the hands of a doctor, which would undoubtedly please Kevin Durant, who no longer hesitates to get involved in the case.

However, despite this situation which is starting to annoy the fans and probably some teammates, Kyrie Irving still receives some support … From some far-right characters like Ted Cruz, which has just banned abortion in Texas, but not that. Phil Handy, Lakers coach, for example spoke at the microphone of “Scoop B”.

As long as people don’t know Kyrie Irving personally, they are doing a lot of speculation. He’s going to say things, make singular statements, but people don’t understand the context behind his words and where Kyrie is from. This is the problem with athletes who are always in the light.

People hear certain excerpts from his lectures, they see certain things going around, but they don’t really know Kyrie Irving. So what I keep telling people all day long is that until they get to know him, until they know who he is, they shouldn’t talk about him.

For Phil Handy, who rubbed shoulders with the leader on the Cavaliers’ side, Kyrie Irving would just be misunderstood. Fans and watchers don’t really get a handle on who he is, as they don’t know him in his private life. A parameter that must obviously be taken into account, but which will not arouse the anger of the fans if he has to miss several home games this season …

Kyrie Irving is a polarizing character, and according to Phil Handy, that’s mostly because he’s not understood by fans. The leader must be reassured, he is not alone in front of the world at the start of the season.