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Kyrie Irving heated himself briefly over Jamal Murray's shot at the buzzer for 50

DENVER – Jamal Murray scored a career high of 48 points on Monday night, but Kyrie Irving's reaction to Murray's decision to shoot a 3-pointer after a while – with the result already in hand – turned out to be the case the most memorable moment of the night.

Irving ended the ball after Murray's shot failed, and after tearing his hand away, Denver Nugget's assistant Jordi Fernandez – who worked on the NBA during Irving's first two NBA seasons – as a development assistant to the Cleveland Cavaliers, He tried to shake him. He turned and fired the ball up into the bleachers before leaving the field.

Irving had not cooled much when he spoke to the media shortly after the Boston Celtics 115-107 defeat against the Nuggets.

"I mean, what kind of competitor would not bother?" Said Irving. "I understand if we foul him and go to the free throw line, I do not want to make a big deal out of it.

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"Obviously I was mad at the game, but it's time to decompress and move on, congratulating him on having 48 points, he did a great job against us, our defense must be better, especially against a player like this pick-and He was primarily concerned today and in some cases has forced us to make hard punches and hard layups.

"But the ball deserves to go after a bull – so move, so I threw it into the crowd."

Murray's 48 points outnumbered Andrew Wiggins' 47 from a 2016/17 game as most in the NBA history of a Canadian-born player. And Murray was apparently overtaken immediately – he had missed a reverse layup that would have brought him to fifty seconds ago, and the hometown population hoped he would crowd out the target. But he also seemed to realize immediately that he had crossed the line, and apologized in his court interview immediately after the game as well as several times during his Nachspielinterviews in front of his locker.

"I think my feelings have prevailed as usual," said Murray, who scored 19-30 out of 5-for-11 out of 3-point reach and 5/5 for 5 from the foul line. "No disrespect for the Boston organization and the fans with this shot – I was just thinking that I would be 50, and I think everyone understands that that's what I wanted.

"I really did not disrespect, I know half of the team there, so no hard feelings."

This was not the first time Murray got into hot water after making the most of his emotions. Both times, when the Los Angeles Lakers were in Denver last season, he was involved with various Lakers players in the fight. When the two teams played in Denver on December 2, Murray dribbled near Lakers and Lonzo Ball when he ran away in the final seconds after a 115-100 win at Denver.

The second time, Murray exchanged views with then-Lakers guard Isaiah Thomas, who is now Murray's teammate with the Nuggets after making free throws in the final seconds of a 125-116 win.

"I felt like the second time we played here, Murray was disrespectful at the end of the game," said Lakers coach Luke Walton at the time. "Just a few trash talks with our guys."

Murray himself referred to the Lakers as he tried to explain what he was thinking as he released the last shot.

"I had no consciousness," said Murray. "I really did not care about that at the time.

"Everyone knew that I wanted to try 50 at this point, that was the problem, I did not mean to be disrespectful, and my feelings, like the Lakers, took on last year.

"I just lose myself sometimes."

Murray and Irving had put the show in the limelight. Irving finished 31 points in a stunning 13-for-17 shooting performance. But that was not enough to overcome Murray, who scored 14 points in the first quarter to keep Denver in the game as Boston scored an early double-digit lead and scored 19 more hits in the fourth quarter to help the Nuggets Play and improve the 9: 1 this season as they are half behind the Golden State Warriors on the best record of the Western Conference.

"The first shot," Murray said when asked when he knew he had a good night. "I was tired of getting into the game, but I play better when I'm tired, I'm more focused, I was so educated and grew up, I do not know how much I had half, but I did not lose that mood "I did not lose that self-confidence and my team found me again and again."

They found him enough to reach those 48 points and lead the Nuggets to victory – and go into hot water with Irving, a player he said was the kind of player on Monday of the year he learns.

"It was just a fun game," Murray said. "I was not really worried about learning, I only went to school for a year, so I was just worried about putting the ball in the basket.

"That's all I tried to do."



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