Kyrie Irving on Nets-Sons trade for Durant: ‘I’m glad he’s out of there’ – NBA

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Dallas point guard Kyrie Irving commented on the exchange of former Brooklyn teammate Kevin Durant to Phoenix.

Irving learned of the high-profile deal during a press conference following his first game with the Mavericks, where he was posted earlier this week.

“I just pray for his happiness and well-being. During the season we had a lot of talk about what our future will look like, there was some uncertainty, but it is important for both of us to see each other where we can thrive and succeed.

Together or apart, I never felt that he was angry with me for the decisions made, the same approach from my side. We’re just trying to understand each other better and develop from a personal point of view, develop as brothers.

Things are changing very fast in this business, he’s getting a little older, I’m getting a little older. I like the fight and the competition, so now that we’re on different teams and in the same conference, I just welcome it. In the matches against Phoenix, I will probably spend a little more time on the court. Looking forward to our meeting. I’m glad he left.

It became relevant after the first season. I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay in Brooklyn for long. There were certain things going on behind the scenes. I did my best to abstract and just work my best.

There were some unfavorable circumstances that I could not control, whether it was the situation with the vaccine, missing matches, my suspension or just some little things that I think were preventing us from moving forward.

We had Harden, we were supposed to be a super team. I would like to talk a little about this. The general consensus of all was that it should have worked. But we played very little time together, there were a lot of injuries, something happened. I would like to look at it in the long term, so that we have a chance, but it just happened, it didn’t grow together.

We need to move forward. I’m glad I can now look back on that journey and think about many things, about my teammates in Brooklyn, about the experience that I had there, ”said Irving.