L 3313: Full closure on weekends

Detour plan (Graphic: Hessen Mobil)

On the coming weekend it comes on Landesstraße 3313 (Sprendlinger
Road) to traffic restrictions. The route will be between the local border of Offenbach and the Geisfeldkreisel on Friday, November 26th,
Fully closed from 5 a.m. to Monday, November 29th, 6 a.m. The reasons for the closure are marking work and the erection of a reinforced concrete wall.

The work is part of the traffic test that Hessen Mobil is carrying out together with the city of Offenbach. The L 3313 will be reduced from four to two lanes and a cycle path will be set up. In future, cyclists will be able to use an area of ​​the state road that is separated from the rest of the traffic. To increase safety, a reinforced concrete wall will be erected between the cycle path and the L 3313. In this way, cycling and traffic on the state road are separated from each other. In addition, the marking on the state road will be adapted to the new traffic routing.

A diversion will be set up for the duration of the full block. The exact route can be found in the attached diversion plan.

The traffic test, which is being carried out as part of the “Bike Offenbach” project, is being carried out as a joint measure by Hessen Mobil and the City of Offenbach. The aim of the experiment is to create a continuous cycle connection from the Main Cycle Path at Offenbach harbor to Sprendlinger Landstrasse. In the future, a connection of the cycle connection to the cycle expressway between Frankfurt and Darmstadt is planned.

More information about Hessen Mobil at mobil.hessen.de or verkehrsservice.hessen.de.

(Text: PM Hessen Mobil)