L1: Irles put his feet up, Baticle plays big, Strasbourg pressure shot … trembles in the race to maintain! – Soccer

Set off by Troyes on Tuesday, Bruno Irles is the 6th Limog coach in Ligue 1 this season. In Angers and Strasbourg, the concern is palpable.

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Irles is no longer the coach of Troyes

After Peter Bosz (Lyon), Jean-Marc Furlan (Auxerre), Michel Der Zakarian (Brest), Oscar Garcia (Reims) and Olivier Dall’Oglio (Montpellier), it’s Bruno Irles’ turn to leave the bench a Ligue 1 club this season. This Tuesday, Troyes announced the dismissal title conservatory of his trainer.

Irles vir despite a 13th place in L1

Arrived in January 2022 to succeed Laurent Batlles on the Trojan bench, Irles had managed to keep his team among the elite by winning 15th place in the French championship last May. A few months later, the 47-year-old technician finally becomes the sixth coach sacked by an L1 club this season, after only 14 days.

However, ESTAC occupies 13th place in the standings, an honorable rank for the Aube club. But the lack of victory for six games (4 draws and 2 defeats) pushed the Trojan management to make a decision one game before the truce. Have the rumors of recent weeks concerning the complicated relationship between the coach and members of the locker room also had a role in this departure? It’s possible. Pending the arrival of Irles’ successor, Claude Robin, one of his assistants, will act as interim this week until further notice .

Baticle, the next one?

In a season marked by four descents, the presidents of Ligue 1 no longer have much patience. They are all panicking. They stress, the presidents , launched Nantes coach Antoine Kombouar at the end of October. It’s hard not to agree with the Kanak technician faced with the waltz of coaches observed in recent weeks. So much so that we now wonder who will be the next to give up his apron. Grald Baticle? He is an obvious target.

After six consecutive defeats, Baticle knows himself on a throwaway seat in Angers. Moreover, the Angevin coach may play his place next Sunday when his team moves to Lille. If Sad Chabane defended his coach several times despite the bad results of the team, the Angevin president indicated for L’Equipe that he would do a point at the end . Suffice to say that a new defeat of the SCO, last in L1 with 8 points, could be fatal to its coach this weekend.

Keller shakes up Strasbourg players

In Strasbourg, Julien Stphan is not yet threatened. Despite a current 18th place in L1 and a sad record of a victory since the start of the season, the Racing coach retains the full confidence of its president Marc Keller. The latter, however, spoke this Tuesday morning, before the training session, to try to provoke a reaction among his players, according to L’Equipe.

In essence, Keller said that Saturday’s performance against AC Ajaccio (2-4) was unacceptable and that he hadn’t enjoyed previous games either against Marseille (2-2), Toulouse (2- 2) or even Angers (3-2), even if there had been no defeat at the end. Will this rant have an effect? Answer Sunday during the reception of Lorient at Meinau. O Stephan and his team would be well advised to win in order to have a slightly more serene truce…

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