La China, Rusherking and the devastating tweet of María Becerra

The China Suárez is once again among the latest news in the world of entertainment. This time, the actress was related to Rusherking, one of the rag pickers of the moment and ex-partner of the singer Mary Becerra.

This new rumor of romance began to circulate in recent days, after being seen at a dinner in a restaurant. Along with this information, a message from Becerra appeared that suggests that he refers to these versions that involve his ex.

“I find myself on the floor”, the singer wrote on her official Twitter account. The message was filled with tweets of support and criticism against La China and Rusherking. Although María Becerra did not clarify what she was referring to with that comment, many took it as a state of mind when seeing that who was your partner is already in another relationship sentimental.


It should be remembered that María Becerra and Rusherking were one of the most beloved couples in the field of urban music, but in December 2021 they put an end to the linknews that was released after a series of furious tweets that the singer wrote.

-> What is known about romance

“They tell me that last Friday, China was like this, here, stuck, eating a hamburger, with another famous man,” Karina Iavicoli said in Show Partners and continued: “He is someone totally unexpected, who I would never have imagined. He falls a thousand to me, I know him ”.

After the mystery, the panelist revealed: “This furtive meeting, which could sow something that prospers or not, is between La China Suárez and Rusherking”. And she explained: “They were seen eating hamburgers very close, very close. Nor am I saying that there was a kiss, eh, eye, but they were very close”.

The last couple that was formally known to La China, after separating from Benjamín Vicuña, was the Spanish businessman Armando Mena Navareñolink that would have already ended. In between, she was associated with soccer players Mauro Icardi and Rodrigo de Paul, and with actor Nicolás Furtado.