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La Fageda launches a pre-employment service to improve the employability of people with a mental disorder


The Beech forest has launched a pre – work service for improve the employability of older people with a diagnosis of mental disorder. This service, which is new to La Garrotxa, is created in coordination with the Mental Health Network and is offered to fifteen people in the region. The aim is to improve their employability through different training and practices in La Fageda. Access to the service will not imply the signing of any employment contract and the maximum length of stay planned to guarantee the achievement of the objectives is up to 36 months.

La Fageda's new pre-employment service is aimed at people with some type of mental disorder and aims to help them acquire personal and work habits and to gain a degree of confidence and autonomy that will facilitate them to move to the world of work. It is a resource included in the portfolio of social services of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Families of the Generalitat.

The candidates for the Pre-Labor Service arrive in La Fageda, referred by himin the Mental Health Network of La Garrotxa (Olot i Comarcal Hospital). These are people who have a social problem due to mental illness but who are in a stable situation, so despite never having worked in most cases, they can face new challenges. During the hours of training and employment, they are always accompanied by the team of service professionals and the managers and monitors of each section that welcomes them to the practices, be it farm, dairy, jams, horticulture, among others. The maximum stay is 36 months.

Since its inception, La Fageda has been working to socially and mentally integrate people with mental disabilities and mental disorders in the region. The latter are a group with great difficulty finding a job. Currently, the unemployment rate for those who have a diagnosis of mental illness, such as schizophrenia, dual pathology or severe depression, is around 80% in Spain.

From now on, it expands its activity with this new pre-employment service. Recently, La Fageda Foundation has created the Insertion Company El Faig, S.L. and studies to open the range of services to new groups at risk of exclusion.

The Fageda Foundation was created in 1982 in Olot by Cristóbal Colón and Carme Jordà. 5 years later he moved to the current estate of Mas Els Casals, in the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa, where he carried out various agricultural activities. Aside from running a dairy cow farm and making dairy yoghurts and desserts, she also makes ice cream and jams. It also provides housing and leisure services. It should be noted that 70% of the 400 people who work or are employed by the different entities that make up La Fageda have a mental disability, a chronic mental illness or are in a situation of social risk.

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