La Jornada – América defeats Necaxa 3-1 on date eight of Liga MX Femenil

Mexico City. América returned to victory by beating Necaxa 3-1 on matchday eight of the Apertura 2022 tournament of the Liga MX Femenil. The Eagles momentarily climbed to second place with 15 points, while the Centellas have two units after eight games.

In a duel against the last team in the general table, América strategist Ángel Villacampa preferred to rest key elements and opted for an offense made up of Katty Martínez and Mayra Pelayo-Bernal, while Renata Masciarelli was the starter.

The domain in the Coapa facilities was for the Eagles and Katty Martínez stayed close to the goal by connecting a header that was saved by the goalkeeper Valeria Martínez.

In a controversial play, Martínez reached the nets, but the whistling Priscila Pérez Borja frustrated the celebration by scoring an offside.

América insisted and in a set piece play took the lead in the 38th minute. In a corner kick, Selene Velera hit a header that hit Andrea Montserrat Hernández on the back to enter the goal.

Necaxa responded with a shot by Dayana Fuentes that reached the goal but the scoreboard did not move due to an offside.

The complement began with a controversial shot from Centellas, when the whistler scored a penalty and Fanny Grano sentenced from eleven steps at minute 48.

When the duel seemed to be heading for a draw, the referee awarded a penalty for a foul on Kiana Palacios, opening the way for the Eagles to rescue the victory.

Thus, Allison González, at 81 minutes sentenced the victory by taking the maximum penalty with a shot to the right corner. But the Eagles were not satisfied and Janelly Farías at 90+3 hit the third shot with a header shortly before the final whistle.