La Jornada – Brazilian nurse charged with false vaccination against Covid

Rio de Janeiro. The Justice of Rio de Janeiro on Monday accepted a complaint from the Prosecutor’s Office against the nursing technician Rozemary Gomes Pita, accused of a crime against public health for a false vaccination against Covid-19 in Niteroi (state of Rio de Janeiro, southeast from Brazil).

Judge Daniela Barboza de Souza decided to impute the nursing technician, but chose not to request her arrest “at least for the moment” because she has no criminal record and has a known address, among other reasons, according to the G1 news portal.

The nursing technician participated in the immunization campaign against Covid-19, but at the time of applying the dose to an elderly man, she pretended to do so, the syringe only contained air; the old man’s family discovered it when they got home and reviewed the video they recorded with their cell phone.

When questioned by the civil police, the accused alleged that she was “extremely tired and stressed.”

The Prosecutor’s Office requested his provisional imprisonment, understanding that his freedom endangers public health.

At the moment, she was fired from the Niteroi Municipal Health Secretariat where she worked, and the judge decided this Monday that she appear every month before the Justice until the trial is carried out.

In recent weeks, several cases of false vaccination were detected in Brazil, at least in the cities of Rio de Janeiro (southeast), São Paulo (southeast), Goiânia (center-west) and Maceió (northeast).



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