La Jornada Maya – Granting Social Security to domestic workers is an act of labor justice: Sefoet

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In a coordinated action between the three levels of government, the Secretary of Economic Development and Labor (Sefoet), Ernesto Herrera Novelo, toured the south of Yucatan to promote the “Join the IMSS” campaign, aimed at working people. of the home, men and women who dedicate their lives to domestic service and care for thousands of families in Yucatan.

“Providing these people with medical care, access to medicines and retirement for their years of service is an act of inclusion and labor justice,” stressed the head of Sefoet.

Accompanied by Gaspar Torres Palma, Head of the Supervision and Affiliation Department of the IMSS in Yucatán, Herrera Novelo visited Peto, Tekax and Ticul to promote the campaign for the incorporation of domestic workers into Social Security, which included the installation of affiliation and tours of streets, parks and markets to bring information and deliver brochures alluding to the program.

The official highlighted the willingness and spirit of collaboration of both the IMSS staff and the host mayors, Diego Ávila Romero, from Tekax; Renán Jiménez Tah, from Peto, and Rafael Montalvo Mata, from Ticul, who joined the tours and offered to continue this work, as well as carry out a census in their respective municipalities in order to have a register of domestic workers.

“The three levels of government, federal, state and municipal, work hand in hand, is how progress is made and results are achieved,” said Herrera Novelo, who started this campaign in Mérida and a couple of weeks ago started the campaign in Valladolid and Tizimín. tours of the interior of the state to carry this program.

Now it is the turn of the South and soon it will be in Umán, Hunucmá, Sisal, Motul, Progreso and Telchac Puerto, to close again in Mérida.

Torres Palma recalled that IMSS should be affiliated with not only those who clean homes, but also those who care for children and the elderly, gardeners, waiters, drivers, stagecoaches and all those who work in homes providing a service to families, and either for days or for the whole week.

The official stated that it is very easy to enroll these workers, the procedure is done online -it can be from a cell phone- and it does not take more than 10 minutes. The platform is: Trabajadoras-hogar.

Each employer must record how many days the person works and how much they are paid, and the same platform indicates how much they must pay to the IMSS, explained the official, who was accompanied by Grissel Vega Pech, supervisor of Social Security Affiliation.

“Now it is an invitation, but very soon it will be an obligation and whoever does not comply with it may be subject to fines and penalties. That is why it is better to comply at once”, indicated, on the subject, the Secretary of Economic Development.

At Tekax, Diego Ávila expressed his support for the campaign, considering that it is indeed an act of justice for domestic workers, and offered to take the program to the municipal police stations, in order to cover the greatest number of potential rights holders. .

In Peto, both the mayor Renán Jiménez and the trustee María del Rosario Perera Suaste expressed their support for the program, and in Ticul, Rafael Montalvo offered the secretary to take the information to the mayors affiliated with the Association of Municipalities for Yucatán AC (Ampyac), body that he currently chairs.

In Ticul, the deputy of the XIII District, Carmen González Martín, also joined, who participated in the tour and expressed her commitment to promote the affiliation campaign in that demarcation, given the benefits it generates for domestic workers.

Edition: Laura Mirror