La Libertad: Barrio Seguro arrives in Huanchaco to reinforce citizen security

The Trujillo district of Huanchaco, in the La Libertad region, has as of today the Safe Neighborhood Multisectoral Strategy (EMBS), through which actions will be carried out to improve citizen security and promote peaceful coexistence in the area.

The inauguration of the new El Milagro Safe Neighborhood was presided over by the Minister of the Interior, Dimitri Senmache, who stressed that, as part of this strategy, a contingent of 20 police officers will be assigned, who will provide services in this new territory.

With this endowment, he added, the patrolling tasks in the streets and the protection of public security in this populated center will be strengthened, hand in hand with the night watchmen and the community, under a community police approach, closer to the citizen.

In addition, joint work between the National Police of Peru (PNP), sector programs, the municipality and the organized community will be promoted to improve the living conditions of the local population and reduce victimization rates.

During the opening ceremony, the head of the Interior highlighted that the implementation of this Safe Neighborhood, the eleventh in the La Libertad region and number 105 nationwide, is a sample of the articulated work in favor of citizen security.

In this objective, Senmache called on the authorities and the organized community of this town to overcome differences and work together, with a single flag and the same shirt, to deal with crime in all its forms.

“The only way to successfully confront insecurity and strike a blow at criminal organizations is as an organized state. We need to get rid of our ideological, political and partisan differences, and bet on our country, ”he noted.

Senmache also highlighted the recent enactment of the National Multisectoral Citizen Security Policy by 2030, as a long-term policy that transcends governments and commits the various levels of the State.

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Empower the PNP

At another point, the minister reaffirmed that one of the main axes of his management is to empower the National Police, not only at the political level, but also with the necessary logistics to do their job better and with the training that reinforces their skills and abilities. .

For these purposes, he indicated that there is a budget of 355 million soles, which will allow the implementation of the Strategic Plan for the Improvement of the PNP, which includes restructuring police stations and modernizing weapons and crime laboratories.