La Libertad / La Libertad: Breakdown hinders water distribution for residents of San José | EDITION

The residents of the San José town center, in the Virú province, now suffer from the lack of drinking water, an essential element today during this fight against the pandemic, because the well water pump has been broken since last Saturday.

Faced with this problem, the Association of Agricultural Exporters of Chavimochic Land (APTCH), lent two tanks and a tank carrier (truck with 5 tanks of 1m3), to bring water to the neighbors who during this week lack this resource.

Félix Meza Risco, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Centro Poblado San José, thanked the agro-industrial companies for their support.

“The municipality saw the water supply interrupted because in the province the water pump burned out on Saturday. In view of the delay, we ask for support from companies, such as APTCH, which, thanks to them, are supplying us. Likewise, the provincial municipality sent its cisterns, but it is not enough because the population is large, ”he explained.

Hugo Carranza Lozano, mayor of San José, pointed out that “we have always had a water deficiency because two inches of water comes to supply the population of 9,000 to 10,000 inhabitants of San José. “We distribute water from 5 am to 1 pm. m. When the pump broke down, water was scarce, “he said.

He also highlighted the constant support of the APTCH. “Previously, it supported us with the donation of Rotoplas tanks to reach the sectors where water is scarce. So from there people get their water supplies and take them to their homes ”.

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It should be noted that the business community announced that it will continue to support until the day the water pump is repaired, so that residents do not suffer from the lack of water in their sector.