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La Línea City Council honors retired teachers in the last two years

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The City Council of La Línea, through the Municipal Delegation of Education, has organized an act of gratitude to the professors, teachers and teachers that have retired during the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 courses in the schools and institutes of the locality.

The Councilor for Education, Sebastián Hidalgo, pointed out that like the City Council “distinguishes students with honors from Baccalaureate and Vocational Training”, these successes “would not be possible” without a teacher “committed to his profession”.

Mayor, Juan Franco, expressed his intention to make “this simple tribute” every year “to recognize the teachers who are retiring, also as a way to highlight those teachers in which the new ones will have a mirror in which to look at themselves”.

Mayor, Juan Franco, and the Councilor for Education, Sebastian Hidalgo, They have been in charge of delivering a detail to each one as a token of appreciation for a lifetime dedicated to teaching: M.ª del Rosario Díaz Mariscal, from the Mediterranean IES; Juan Miguel Natera Peinado and Ramón Vidal Madrigal, from the Virgen de la Esperanza; Cristina Trujillo Reyes, Miguel Ángel Lara Rodríguez and Rita Olmos Luna, from Mar de Poniente; Inmaculada Correro Jiménez, from the Buenos Aires school; Mercedes Gutiérrez Ramírez, from El Rocío; M.ª Gertrudis Amador García, from Carlos V; Isabel Rosaldo Callado and Ana Elena Rivera Gómez, from Huerta Fava; M.ª Luisa Ramírez Facio and Josefa Vázquez Montes, from Inmaculada; M.ª Carmen Traverso Vázquez and Eduardo Puertas Jorge, from Las Mercedes; Fernando Aragón Rodríguez, from Pablo Picasso; M.ª Carmen Fernández Calvet, from Juan Pablo II; M.ª Isabel Porras Jiménez and Antonio Damián Herrera Campos, from the Gibraltar school, and Marco Antonio Herrera Bermúdez, from the Teacher’s Center.

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