La Nación / “And then what? Breast cancer victims wonder,” says Deputy Raúl Latorre

A project presented in the Chamber of Deputies by the Colorado legislator Raúl Latorre seeks to insert the gratuitousness and universality of breast reconstruction surgery (after breast cancer) to Law No. 3,331 / 2007, “Which creates the National Program for Prevention, Early Detection and Treatment of Uterine and Breast Cancer ”.

“Breast cancer is the most frequent among women in our country and we have to understand that the comprehensive treatment of this type of cancer is a human right. It is essential to deepen efforts for early diagnosis, which in turn is a condition for the disease, “explained the deputy designer.

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Worldwide, the month of October is dedicated to promoting the early detection of breast cancer, one of the leading causes of death for women. The WHO also established October 19 as the date for the promotion of the fight against this evil. That is why during the month of October awareness campaigns are carried out about this disease and the aim is to generate self-palpation to reach an early diagnosis of breast cancer.

“It is essential to improve our infrastructure and facilitate access to surgical treatments, as well as increase the supply of chemotherapeutic drugs (drugs to treat the disease) but analysis is also essential,” and then what? “, Because in many cases they are performed the surgical procedures that consist in the removal of the breasts ”, indicated the doctor Latorre.

The breasts, in addition to being an organ whose main biological function is the nutrition of infants with breast milk, is also the organ par excellence of femininity.

“Many of the women who are subjected to these breast removal procedures are left with profound psychological consequences and blows to their personal self-esteem,” he said, thanking his fellow deputies, who unanimously approved the project, generating the half sanction of the same and being referred to the Senate for its later treatment.

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“The spirit of this project is that all compatriots who have suffered the condition and have undergone this surgical procedure can have universal and free access to breast reconstruction surgery after breast cancer,” concluded Deputy Raúl Latorre, who hopes that very soon his project can be reviewed and sanctioned in the Upper House.

Several projects related to breast cancer were unified by the plenary session of Deputies, resulting in a final text that will allow free access to studies, diagnoses and treatment of breast and cervical cancer, with the inclusion, also, of the breast reconstruction as an integral part of treatment when appropriate.