La Nación / They are looking for children who apparently went to bathe in the Guazú stream in San Antonio

Around 4:00 p.m. this Monday, an entire neighborhood began to search for three children who had disappeared after running away from their homes to bathe in the Guazú stream in the city of San Antonio. At the side of the riverbed, the Volunteer Firefighters found the children’s clothes and the parents were desperate.

They are two brothers and a little friend who live near the stream and as their parents explained, they usually go to play in the area, but until now they have never entered the water. Some time after they started playing, their parents went looking for them and could not find them, so they notified the Volunteer Firefighters and the National Police and began the search.

“We are searching for three children, ages 4, 5, and 7, who apparently disappeared in the Guazú stream in San Antonio. Until now they have not been located, despite all the raking that we have already carried out in the area, ”Captain Patricia Coronel, a city firefighter, explained to C9N.

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He explained that during the search the only thing they found were the clothes the children were wearing and apparently they were removed to enter the water channel. “We have already combed practically the entire area of ​​the stream and we have not found the creatures. If we find his shoes and t-shirts on the side of the riverbed, ”he highlighted.

The volunteer called on the citizens who are in the area to go out and look for them and in the event that they have seen them to notify the National Police or the fire department. “It may be that the children entered and left elsewhere, so they are lost. Parents are desperate doing the search with us,” she said.

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He pointed out that they are residents of the area and that they reside five blocks from the fire station. “We have been looking for them for several hours. They told us they saw them bathing in the stream. The mother told us that they like to get off, but that she never lets them enter the stream and that the boys escaped in an oversight, ”she said.

It should be noted that the stream has very little water and that it is practically flat water behind the boys’ home, but they fear that they have followed the channel on foot, however, it reaches the river. “On the way there are rocky and high slopes, already close to the river,” he said.