La Nación / They investigate two cases of alleged child abuse in schools in San Antonio

Prosecutor Laura Ávalos confirmed that she is investigating two cases of alleged sexual abuse in San Antonio, Central department, and where the alleged perpetrators are teachers. She mentioned that one of the cases occurred in a private school where the alleged perpetrator is already detained, while in the second the perpetrator is a fugitive and worked as coordinator and librarian of a public institution.

“The case of the Lambaré school gave some kind of result as a bit of a wake-up call from the school authorities that they should make the complaint,” said the agent of the Public Ministry in communication with channel Gen – Nation Media, at the time of indicate that it does not rule out that in the next few hours new complaints will be registered, since it was informed that there would be more victims.

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So also urged parents to report cases and talk to children. In this sense, the prosecutor said that during a talk about child abuse, a minor under 11 years old was encouraged to talk to the school psychologist and reported that two years ago she was abused by her 50-year-old neighbor.

He mentioned that the incident was subsequently communicated by the school to the Codeni and then to the Public Ministry. The prosecutor mentioned that the first diligence they carry out after receiving a complaint is to activate the protocol to contain the victims of abuse.

Many cases of abuse have come to light in recent days after learning of an alleged rape recorded in a private school in the city of Lambaré and in which a 6-year-old boy was the victim. The Prosecutor’s Office charged the director of the educational center and two other teachers in the framework of the investigation and ordered their preventive detention for violation of the duty of care and frustration of criminal prosecution, who are already in the Coronel penitentiary Oviedo.

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