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The love for irons and workshops was born from the hand of Oscar, who started the first generation when he started racing motorcycles. He moved to Christian with an outstanding work in the National Tourism and today it is Agustín who continues with the legacy above a karting. “For me it represents my life,” said one of them.

Fifty years ago and with Oscar Pereyra taking his first steps on a motorcycle, the first generation of a passion for iron began in that Pergamino family that continues to the present day. Oscar is Christian’s father and Agustín’s grandfather. The three of them have motorsport in their blood, it is the activity that mobilized them since they were young and that sets new challenges for them every day. THE OPINION spoke with Christian, Oscar’s son and young Agustín’s father, who assured that the cars and the adrenaline above them represent his life itself.

The love for irons and workshops in the family was infected by Oscar, who began his career as a pilot on a motorcycle, without knowing that he would later specify a vast career in Formula Renault at the national level. “My old man always liked iron. He started running on motorcycles because it was what he had most within reach, he never had much support from his family and he did it with what he generated from his work. Later he raced in karting a couple of races and at one point he was able to jump into Formula Renault, which was already a national category and was almost always raced in Buenos Aires. There his passion began and he spent almost 30 years in that category, alternating with other categories that emerged “, he Christian commented to the newspaper referring to the beginning of this passion for cars that is transmitted in the family from generation to generation.

Then it was time for his turn. “For me, motorsport represents my life, from a very young age that I have been in this, from the seven or eight years when they let me enter the workshop. The race cars, the workshop or the fact of generating a part from some iron or planchuela, it is what I like and what I transmit to my youngest son, “said the chasista and manufacturer of components for the main teams in the country.

Like his father Christian, he managed to have a very good career as a driver, until he had to get out of the cars due to the budget issue. “I had the opportunity to race first in karting, then to go to Formula Renault and later to National Tourism, which was the category that marked my career. I had to stop racing because of the economic issue, but I was able to do everything quite well, I liked it. I enjoyed it a lot and I had good results too, “he said.

After his role as a driver, he began to get involved in another role within the elite of national motorsports. In this regard, he said: “I always liked mechanics, being close to cars and I was learning a little about everything, preparation and construction. Studying at the Industrial College helped me a lot. Today I really enjoy manufacturing parts for race cars, making the cars or making a roll cage out of a bunch of pipes. I really enjoy the workshop and of course I love driving the cars and feeling the adrenaline of speed. “

The focus on Augustine

In the Pereyra family today all eyes in motorsport point to Agustín, Christian’s son and Oscar’s grandson. There are many expectations around the young man, but above all the satisfaction of knowing that with him the passion with wheels and irons will continue to live.

“Having a child is something special, you realize how important it is only when you have it. After one of my children (has another) follows the passion that one has, it is very nice. And we are enjoying it as a family because we are the three of them going (with his father and son) “said Christian.

Agustín is taking his first steps in karting. “There are many things that Agustín does that remind me of when I was a child. He likes to stay in the workshop, work and he realizes a lot of things, he is learning a lot. As long as we can, we are going to support him a lot to to continue with what he likes. I also have another son who likes other sports and we are also supporting him. Agustín inherited my old man’s passion and mine, “said the racing car manufacturer and then added:” Beyond Let him be my son, objectively I see many conditions in him and he also likes it. He is in a learning stage but he does it very professionally, he dedicates a lot of time and is very attentive to everything “.

National motorsport

Later, when asked about the current situation of national motor racing, Christian said: “It seems to me that for some years now motoring has been on an island of the economic reality of the country. I think that today more than ever there are a lot of cars racing in all categories. The truth is that I like this to happen in this sport, it’s very nice. “

He also offered his joy for the good moment that the Pergamino teams are going through at the national level. “There is a very good present from the Pergamino teams. Mauro’s (García) is very high in the National Tourism, he is always fighting forward. I was working with them in 2019 but at the moment I am not, although we continue with an excellent relationship. We try to collaborate with each other, and with ‘Nacho’ (Cordich) the same thing happens “.

At the end of the interview he had with the newspaper, Christian expressed his next challenges: “In principle I am trying to finish a TC Pick UP with which Mauricio Selva is going to race. And as for the familiar, I would like Agustín to continue in the activity and that he can perform well in karting. “