La Paz lived another night of incidents near the headquarters of the Bolivian Government


The city of La Paz records tonight, for the third consecutive day, incidents in the area where the headquarters of the Government of Bolivia is located, with clashes with the police by groups of protesters, mostly young people.

Protesters armed barricades and bonfires around the central Murillo square, which for days remains protected by a police cordon that surrounds offices such as those of the Bolivian Executive and Parliament.

The police responded with tear gas to stone throws, other objectives and firecrackers by groups of young people who protected themselves with homemade shields made with materials such as calamine, with helmets and with masks to counteract the gas.

Young people, apparently university students who face the Police for the third night, this time they have the support of coca leaf producers from other parts of the country, according to Bolivian media.

The live television images they showed some wounded, one of them who was evacuated by ambulance, without any official source so far reported the number of people injured.

The day had elapsed without being reported violent incidents of relevance in Bolivia, after a young man died on Wednesday and almost a hundred were injured in serious clashes between supporters and detractors of the country's president, Evo Morales.

Bolivia is going through a political and social crisis since the elections of last October 20, after which the electoral body proclaimed winner of Evo Morales for a fourth consecutive term, while the opposition claims that there was fraud.

Opponents and civic movements demand the resignation of the president and the call for new elections, while those related to the president are mobilized in defense of his victory, with clashes in which three people died in these seventeen days of mobilizations after the elections.

(With information from EFE)


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