La Plata: they call a clandestine party with a chinstrap in full quarantine

The invitation ask those who participate to bring their own drinks and “enter with a mask” only at 1.30 in the morning, to dance “techno cachengue”, according to the site 0221.

clandestine silver party.jpg

It is not the first clandestine party that takes place in the area. Both in Berisso and in Altos de San Lorenzo, clandestine parties were recorded during the quarantine, which were deactivated or closed by the security forces.

Last week they organized a clandestine party in a workshop in the town of Concepción, San Juan. This Monday, a San Juan court tried 48 young people who had participated in the meeting, banned as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. One received an eight-month suspended prison sentence, and the remaining 47 admitted their responsibility for the crime and reached an agreement to carry out community tasks.


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