The one on June 13 in Mendizabala was going to be a memorable event. La Polla Records, with The Drugs, Dead Lendakaris, Kaotiko and Suicidal Beer opening act, he had called his staunch supporters to celebrate the tour of the 40th anniversary of your training. But the great pandemic has ruined the great night. For this reason, the Salvatierra band has announced that “Postpone” his concert scheduled for the start of this summer.

The new date will be June 26, 2021, in the same venue and with the same poster. The Alava group has announced that at the moment “the highest priority is to preserve the health of those attending the concert and of the people who participate in its development.”

In this situation, they have reported that the tickets purchased are valid for the new date, without the need to carry out any procedure. In case of not being able to keep the new appointment, you can request a refund for the next 14 days at the following link

The aim of the training was to display 40 songs in Mendizabala, a venue linked to rock in all its meanings. The setting of the stage for this concert was going to be taken advantage of by the Azkena Rock festival (June 19 and 20), but finally, neither one is going to be held. “We do not make this move as a group that plays again for life”Evaristo said in an interview with EL CORREO after the return.

The group’s breakup occurred in 2003, a year after the death of drummer Fernandito from a heart attack. On more than one occasion, asked about the reasons, the singer replied that it was for “nonsense.” With a great row they closed a stage and the members were more than ten years without seeing each other. When it came back to contact, “there was no need to iron out rough edges, time had smoothed them out.”

La Polla Records commented on social media that this concert was special because it will count with the “company of friendly bands”, such as the young Suicidal Beer and Dead Lendakaris and Kaotiko. Through them, the influence on different generations of a group that began to emerge in the eighties is clearly seen.

The most special date of the return to the stages of one of the most iconic groups in national punk after the separation in 2003, therefore, it will be made to wait, more than a year, until the summer of 2021. Of course, the format of the small Basque rock festival is maintained.


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