La Quart’Ouche, brewery of Beaumesnil, distinguished at the Beerdays de Rouen

La Quart’Ouche was founded by four friends a year ago in Beaumensil (© Eveil normand)

A little over a year after its opening, the Brasserie « The Quart’Ouche » of Beaumesnil (Your) was rewarded, this Sunday, October 4, during the Beerdays of Rouen (Seine-Maritime), the first beer fair dedicated to beer amateurs, enthusiasts or professionals, held from October 2 to 4 at the Parc Expo in Rouen

Indeed his three beers created for the start of the business – the « Blonde Pils », « Amber » and the « Triple » – won a gold, a silver and a bronze medal respectively. For amateurs, the “Blonde Pils” is a light and refreshing Lager. “L’Ambrée” apparently leaves a silky sensation on the palate. The “Triple” is a Belgian-type beer par excellence, with a slightly higher alcohol content than the rest of the range.

“Antoine Gaubert, the brewer, did a really good job,” says Mathieu Vandooren, one of the four “friends” who are also the fathers of Quart’Ouche. For a first presentation at this important event in the beer world, we are proud of the result. It reflects the work of the year. We continue to look for new recipes. “

“We are all the more happy with these medals,” he continues, “as it will allow as many people as possible to discover them, especially since, due to COVID, we were unable to canvass the bars and that many planned events have been canceled. We were not even able to celebrate the first anniversary of the brewery. “

If the Blonde Pils, the Ambrée and the Triple are the first three beers brewed by Quart’Ouche, five others have already emerged and very soon it will be the turn of a red fruit beer and a Porter of here a month. Of course for Christmas, a new edition of the christmas beer will be available. The brewery has also created three types of arranged schnapps : Strawberry, Hibiscus and Ginger. So many products that must obviously be consumed in moderation.

What is Quart’Ouche?

Inaugurated on April 6, 2019, the Quart’Ouche is the story of four friends, David Mahieux, Valentin Rocher, Flavien Perdriel and Mathieu Vandooren, three farmers and their agricultural advisor. Coming from the agricultural world and the Pays d’Ouche, they decided to create an agricultural brewery around a beer brewed as an amateur.
The Brasserie is located in the center of Beaumesnil a few steps from the castle, at 48, rue du Château in Beaumesnil. Tel 07 72 72 91 07. The Brasserie also has a Facebook page (see below)

We are super proud today! 3 of our little ones were judged during the @beerdaysrouen and voila …

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