La Rochelle hospital asks to call 15 before coming

Saint-Louis hospital emergency room in La Rochelle are saturated. There is therefore no no more admissions without calling the 15 before, except in a life-threatening emergency of course. The decision was made last night, due to a influx of patients particularly important. And especially of lack of hospital beds: too many patients are still waiting in the emergency department for a place to become available in other departments according to the unions. You must therefore call 15, and not go directly to the emergency room in La Rochelle.

The hospital asks patients to call 15 before going to the emergency room
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Josephine Ortuno

The trigger

“I was contacted during the night by colleagues who called for help, the messages said that they no longer knew where to install people, that they went to look for beds in the white plan rooms, to try to install people” explains Julien Bondeux, caregiver and staff representative. “Having no more room and patients everywhere, they tried to hospitalize them in a treatment box.“he continues.

It’s not not the first time that this kind of situation happens at the Saint-Louis hospital, recurrence fatigue caregivers Who have decided to regulate the entry to emergencies. A nurse testifies, the emotion in her words “It’s going to end very badly, the surveillance is very limited so the patients suffer and the cases will get worse except that we will realize it too late, it becomes dangerous”.

Patients waiting all night

All the boxes for care are mobilized for hospitalisation since Wednesday morning. “I arrived yesterday at 9 p.m. because of an anxiety attack, it’s noon and I still haven’t seen the doctor even though I was told he was coming around 10 a.m. “ explains a 50-year-old patient.

Of the meetings of nurses, unions and management are planned in the days to come, to find out how does the future look emergency room at Saint-Louis Hospital.