La Torreta Technical Orthopedics offers the best service and treatment to its clients

La Torreta Technical Orthopedics has joined the La Torreta de Elda Pharmacy, on Pico Veleta street, with the aim of offering the population the best orthopedic products with personalized attention. On the other hand, they have their own workshop to make customized products and, in addition, they manage the recipes to purchase the products.

This orthopedics has three people in its team, Jéssica Medina, Pablo Llopis and Alba Orozco, currently in practice, led by Silvana Estevan Ortega, the manager. This team has more than ten years of experience and constant training in geriatric and pediatric orthopedics, so they always offer the best response to any circumstance.

It has a large stock of orthopedics such as electric and manual chairs.

In Ortopedia Técnica La Torreta you will find a large stock of orthopedics such as electric and manual chairs, beds and much more. In the same way, they have a wide range of products for both general and sports orthoses and make custom insoles and corsets. They also have a wide assortment of products that help people with reduced mobility to carry out day-to-day activities independently.

On the other hand, they offer advice and recipe management and guide you when it comes to finding help to pay for the products. In addition, they rent their products if they are needed for a short period of time.

This business has counseling for women who suffer from breast cancer, both orthopedic and dermatological and they do it working side by side with AcMAVI.

Orthopedics has a wide range of both general and sports orthosis products.