La Vega: Two alleged assailants killed and an officer wounded in a confrontation with the Police

Two people identified as criminals by the police authorities lost their lives in the city of La Vega where a second lieutenant of the institution was injured by gunshots, during an attempted robbery of a commercial establishment.

The dead were identified as Jeancarlos Martínez Almonte and Víctor Hugo Valerio, the latter allegedly at the hands of the former, during an assault perpetrated in a business in that city.

The report of the uniformed, delivered by the public relations department in Santiago, indicates that in the middle of the confrontation for the criminal action, where both subjects lost their lives, the second lieutenant Francisco Espinosa Mateo was wounded with a firearm.

According to the police version, a companion of Jeancarlos Martínez Almonte, only known as “Tibor”, managed to escape and is being pursued by the authorities.

It was not reported to which medical center the second lieutenant who was wounded by a bullet was sent.