Labbadia warns, beginning hopes: Relegation remains exciting

Labbadia warns, beginning hopes: Relegation remains exciting

Sports (DPA) Labbadia warns, beginning hopes: Relegation remains exciting Stand: 12:59 clock | Reading time: 3 minutes The team of Bruno Labbadia has after the 3: 1 in the first leg against Kiel best chances to stay in the Bundesliga. Photo: Swen gatekeeper Source: dpa-infocom GmbH Was it that for VfL Wolfsburg? After the relegation first leg speaks a lot for the Bundesliga. But the underdog from Kiel has not given up yet. For Holstein, it’s also a very special game for another reason. W olfsburg (dpa) – The view on the two coaches let on Thursday not guess who had worked out the better starting position for the second leg of the relegation. While Bruno Labbadia after the 3: 1 (2: 1) of the VfL Wolfsburg Holstein coach Markus start made his boys still on the pitch with an emotional speech hot for the showdown on Monday against Holstein keel appeared reserved and admonishing. «We went this way together for two years. Monday is the last time in this constellation. I hope we’ll just do another awesome game, “said Anfang, who heads the club after two successful years 1. FC Cologne will leave. It was remarkable how self-confident the second division third party despite the defeat in the Erstliga-16. occurred after the game. “At home, not many teams have beaten us, so Wolfsburg has to do that first,” said Dominik Schmidt brashly. Especially the appearance in the last 20 minutes gave the guests courage. As the Kieler played against the million troop of VfL numerous great opportunities, but missed it to make a second goal. “Unfortunately we did not reward ourselves,” said Anfang. So the advantage is clearly on the side of Wolfsburg. Kiel have to win at least 2-0, VfL scores a goal on the fjord, even three goals for extra time or four on no further conceding goal for the rise necessary. But all that did not scare the saucy outsider. “We’ll knock everything out again,” announced Dominick Drexler. “Everything is still possible, in front of our audience, in our city,” said Marvin Ducksch, hapless top scorer this time. By contrast, the Wolfsburgers were keen to not sound too euphoric after the victory they had earned in the end. “We know we have not achieved anything,” said Labbadia. “That was just a stage finish.” But the prospects of continuing to be first-class in the coming season are due to goals from DivoK Origi (13th minute), Josip Brekalo (40th) and Yunus Malli (56th) .) in a goal by Kingsley Schindler (34). For the first time under Labbadia’s direction, the VW club won two games in series. In addition, the Lower Saxony have filed in time their loading inhibition. In the games against Cologne and Kiel VfL scored seven goals, on Thursday hinted Yunus Malli, Josip Brekalo and Renato Steffen with great ball relay, which potential is actually in this Wolfsburg team. “If we’d played this way more often this season, we would not have these shit games now,” Captain Maximilian Arnold said. But because the German champion of 2009 has just laid a catastrophic season, he still has to shiver for a few days. Only then should also the new sports director Jörg Schmadtke to be introduced. Until then, the highest concentration will apply again. Because the Kieler promise a hot dance. “If we reward ourselves early, then everything is possible in our little cauldron,” said Anfang. Despite the defeat, the second division made with much confidence on the way home. “Believe it, believe it,” cried goalkeeper Kenneth Kronholm as he disappeared into the cabin. Information about the game on Reactions to Holstein homepage Reactions to Wolfsburg homepage

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