Labor law: am I entitled to an interim reference?

An assessment from the employer shows employees where they stand. Can you just knock on your line manager’s door and ask for a certificate?

Many employees realize that they are entitled to an end reference from their employer. But what about the interim report? Such a claim is not expressly regulated in the law.

“If there is a justified cause, employees can be entitled to an interim reference,” says Nathalie Oberthür, specialist lawyer for labor law in Cologne.

As a rule, such an occasion arises when something changes in the employment relationship, explains the specialist lawyer. For example, a change of manager, a change of job or a promotion come into question. There is no detailed breakdown of the exact cases in which a claim arises.

The right to an interim reference is not expressly regulated

Finally, the interim reference is generally not an explicit topic in the law. The following applies: In case of doubt, employees must be able to explain why the assessment is desired.

About the person: Nathalie Oberthür is a specialist lawyer for labor law and a member of the executive committee of the labor law working group of the German Lawyers’ Association (DAV).

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