Lack of medical care for a 96-year-old man in Bahia denounced

A neighbor of our city made a publication on the social network Twitter in which he denounced the lack of medical attention for a 96-year-old person.

Tomás Andrusko recounted in a series of tweets what happened to his neighbor Uberto, from the Santa Margarita neighborhood.

“He is my neighbor, he is 96 years old and for a few days he has been feeling generally unwell. Last night he called the ambulance, they came, took his pressure and temperature and left. Today he felt so bad that he called 107 , asked for help, closed his house and went outside waiting for an ambulance that will never arrive because a supposed doctor calls him who asks him a thousand things that he can not even answer because of fatigue and they pass the burned potato from hand to hand so as not to send no one, “said the 18-year-old.

When he did not receive any answers, he decided with his family to transfer his neighbor by his own means.

“We do not have the tools or the knowledge to help him, he has symptoms of COVID and they turn us a thousand times from all sides not to come; they are letting a person die on the street, with symptoms and nobody takes charge,” he said.

Later, according to his account, he was taken to the Medical Association hospital.

“Double chinstrap and gloves and we have to take him in our personal car to the hospital because no one comes,” he said.

As Tomas mentioned, “the worst thing is that according to what they told me this happens with all the elderly, it is not an isolated case, this is done with all the elderly who have minimal discomfort.”

“I’m coming home totally outraged,” he added.

In dialogue with The new one., the young man said that he was able to contact two relatives, although it is a sister, also 96 years old, and the daughter of the latter, also elderly.



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