Lack of trained manpower causes gold market sales to decline


A number of investors in gold said that the lack of trained manpower caused sales to drop and the closure of several gold markets.

Investors, according to Al-Youm, added that gold markets in the Kingdom are becoming un-expandable due to the lack of centers and institutes that train Saudi youth who want to sell gold.

Khalid Al Amoudi, an investor in gold and precious metals, pointed out that working in the sale of jewelry requires expertise and know-how in the types of gold and its caliber, and this requires a long period of training and practice.

He pointed out that the lack of experience makes the investor obliged to train and qualify the employee, and may continue for years, adding that the job may be undesirable for many citizens because of working hours, in addition to the value of what is sold large and any error causes high costs.

Abdulrahman al-Shahri, a gold trader, said the market had foreign agents and not only Arabs. Most job applicants do not have the language of dealing with customers.

He explained that the problem with the Saudi employee is the lack of commitment, after receiving training goes to another place with a better salary and this right, or the job is temporary until he finds another.

For his part, the gold trader Ali al-Abdalaziz said that the decision of Saudization of gold shops created job opportunities for the unemployed, calling on investors to cooperate with the decision and the recruitment and training of young people.


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