Lacrim hosts his own version of Squid Game on Instagram [VIDÉO]

Netflix surf on the success of Squid Game and launches the merchandising of the series. Today is the rapper LACRI who decides launch its own version of Squid Game.

Indeed, it is with his label Silver or lead that the rapper organizes his own version of the game. It’s on his account Instagram let him show us the rules of the game. Each new subscriber represents the sum of one euro. For the moment, according to the notice, the account has accumulated 11,000 euros. During this part participants play five games.

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For the moment, we only know the name of the first event. Which uses the codes of the first test of the series Squid Game. Indeed, this one is called 1,2,3 Lead. This first test will be held this evening. Participants discover the rules of the event 30 minutes before that it does not begin. For the moment we do not know any other information. Just like the series, we will discover this as the trials and eliminations progress. It’s no big surprise that the number of subscribers is skyrocketing since yesterday the account Instagram of the label. For the game to end before the end, the majority of participants must unsubscribe. And so the game will stop in the middle of the game. We find the same process as in the series.

Once again, this shows us that since its release the series has been a real planetary tidal wave. The only downside today is that many young primary or college students have fun reproducing the famous first test of the series. Many schools are sounding the alarm. And remind parents that the series is recommended for over sixteen years. Information to take into account.

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