LADA Granta was better on the road than Hyundai Solaris


The most budgetary domestic car unexpectedly made a serious competition to the popular budget "Koreans".

When buying a car, many motorists face a difficult choice: a new domestic car from AvtoVAZ or a budget foreign car, like the popular Hyundai Solaris? After all, I do not want to overpay, but I want to get a reliable, safe and enjoyable car for every day.

At one of the popular automotive forums, the owner of the 2017 LADA Granta with a 1.6 liter engine 87 hp and a 5-speed manual transmission shared his impressions, comparing the Grant with the “predecessors” – the VAZ-2109 and VAZ-2114, as well as with the Hyundai Solaris, on which it was possible to ride along the highway long enough to “feel” it.

So after the "nine" and "four" it took a lot of time to get used to the "Grant" – it seemed that the bolts on the wheels were unscrewed, the car behaved "loose" on the road. It became especially scary in windy and rainy weather at a speed of 120 km / h. “He moved to the Grant, and was horrified,” the motorist recalls.

However, everything is known in comparison, and “horrified” once again the opportunity presented itself when I had a chance to ride a Hyundai Solaris. The driver admits that it’s so scary while driving at a speed of 80-100 km / h in calm, rainy weather, he has never had before. The previously LADA Granta, which seemed “loose", suddenly appeared to be just an ideal machine – the handling and dynamics of the Solaris are so affected.

LADA Granta's headlights also turned out to be better – brighter, further. An unexpected discovery was that the “Grants” seats seemed, though not as soft as the “Solaris”, but more comfortable in terms of landing and support.

Higher ground clearance is another advantage of the Granta over the Solaris. And here is the main "mystery" – why then the lower Solaris holds the road worse than the higher "Grants"?

“That's right, Solaris and Rio are twice as expensive, but not better than Grant”, “Everything that Grant is talking about is solved by replacing the struts, supporting, and stretching the racks, and nobody blows it off when they meet anyone, and no one scouring speed. A VAZ without modifications is not a VAZ, its plus is that the problems are solvable, and it is hardly possible to fix it on Rio and Solaris, ”motorists agree.

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