«Ladies Storms» Fifth International Thailand

«Ladies Storms» Fifth International Thailand

STORMAS Abu Dhabi Ice Hockey Team returned from Thailand after successfully participating in the Bangkok 2018 International Women's Ice Hockey Championships in Thailand with the participation of some of the best ice hockey teams from Asia and America. The team won fifth place in the tournament, The team is part of the Abu Dhabi Ice Sports Club's plan to prepare the team for the upcoming official tournaments. The participation was sponsored by the Ice Sports Federation, which is keen to provide national teams with high-level national players.

Positive participation

Juma Al Dhaheri, Secretary General of the Ice Sports Federation, who was accompanying the team's mission in the tournament, said: "The participation was positive and achieved its goals through contact with the players of the team with other teams of varying technical levels of strength and experience. We produced many outputs that will help us develop the team technically In order to keep pace with the evolution of the other teams, Al Dhahiri added that participating in the tournament was a good opportunity to test some of the new faces in the team, which are participating for the first time in international tournaments.

Plan to upgrade

Hamad Al Shorian, CEO of Abu Dhabi Ice Sports Club, said that the participation of Storms Abu Dhabi women's ice hockey team comes within the plans set by the club to raise the level of the team in preparation for the participation of the national teams, especially the UAE women's ice hockey team in the next official tournaments. Including the preparations for the Asian Women's Challenge Cup, to be held in Abu Dhabi.

successful experience

Captain Khalid Al Habsi expressed his satisfaction with the success of the team and the matches played by the team in the tournament which helped the players to get familiar with the atmosphere of the tournaments and to interact with different teams in the technical levels of ice hockey worldwide. Of the observations that will help us to develop the technical level and improve performance, and this was one of the most important goals of our participation, is to identify the strengths of the team and weaknesses to avoid them in the future.


Khalid Al-Habsi praised the team's efforts and the high level of professionalism that has received praise from other teams.

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