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This Wednesday July 1, the deceased princess Diana from Wales would have turned 59.

Although it was part of one of the most important families of the English aristocracy, and even much richer than the royal family itself, Lady Diana Spencer rose to world fame when she was engaged to marry Prince Charles.

After the wedding two children came, but the her husband’s infidelities with Camilla Parker-Bowles, his current wife, they soon transformed the marriage into a hell that ended in separation, in 1992; and in divorce, in 1996; almost a year before his death in a traffic accident in Paris in 1997.

Just 23 years after that day, which shook the foundations of the British monarchy, there are thousands of followers of the former activist who continue to commemorate important dates related to the “princess of the people”.

Thus, his brother Carlos, current ninth Earl of Spencer, shared a gift he received in her childhood home, where Diana is buried, on the occasion of her birthday.

Through his Twitter account, the nobleman published a card that rested on a flower arrangement and the caption: “Received today at Althorp House – amazing and moving ”.

For her part, the card said: “Happy birthday Diana, Princess of Wales. Will always remember you. From the lady who lives near Heathrow. Vanessa ”.



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