Lady Di’s iconic haircut was the result of an accident

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The stylist Sam McKnight, who would eventually become her personal hairdresser, was in charge of styling her on that occasion and chose to gather her hair under a tiara to give the impression that it was shorter. The end result liked it so much Diana, that she placed in her hands with blind confidence to create her unforgettable hairstyle.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles
Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

“When we were done, she asked me what style I would recommend if she gave me carte blanche, and I replied, ‘I would cut everything.’ She had fabulous hair, but the time had come to make a change, and I think she also thought the same. . He said to me: ‘Okay, is that okay if we do it now?’ And that’s how it was, “he recalled. McKnight in an article for Vogue Australia, in which he accepts that at first it was not proposed that his creation could give so much to talk about.

“We were in July and I had gone to Paris for work, and then calls started pouring in about Diana. Then I realized that the change of look had had a great impact, “he added. Sam.



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