Lady Gaga drunk live from The Late Show? This alcoholic challenge that she agreed to take up

Everything smiles on him. After her many successes as a singer, Lady Gaga entered through the front door of the cinema with the film A Star Is Born in 2018, before being the new star of House of Gucci. A new feature film that is getting a lot of attention.

Lady Gaga is a fascinating heroine, in a delightfully kitsch film. Currently in dark rooms, the singer and actresses multiply appearances at official events, and on television sets to talk about it. Invited to Stephen Colbert’s Late Show this Wednesday, November 24, the star has literally released the pressure.

At 100 per hour for several days, when the host suggested to Lady Gaga to relax with her favorite activity, she did not hesitate! It all started when the singer talked about relaxing with a glass of wine after a difficult day. So, to make his guest feel comfortable, Stephen Colbert pulled out a bottle of Tequila and two glasses from under his desk. A funny surprise for the star who did not hesitate to announce the start of an evening and swallow his full glass in one sip.

Hilarious, the host then followed suit! Something to make the spectators laugh, and set the mood on the set!

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