Lady Marrana apologizes after receiving criticism on social networks

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After #LadyMarrana She received a lot of criticism on social networks for the fact that she carried out an unhygienic act in a taqueria in the city of León, and she had no choice but to apologize for feeling attacked by everyone, not only in that municipality but at the national level.

Through a video published on his Instagram account Wendolyn Alcala or better known as #LadyMarrana, apologized for what he did, noting that it should never have happened.

“I upload this video to apologize publicly and mainly to the establishment where things happened, for this reason I acknowledge that what I did was not at all good and it was a lack of respect both for me and for the establishment and for you, for that very reason I’m taking action on the matter and I’m going to face the consequences to come, “he said.

And it is that in addition to being exhibited on different social networks, many memes are already circulating making fun of it, among them stand out images of Tacos with the face of #LadyMarrana and says: “without sauce because Wendy puts her hand”, “I live with fear that someone has reached into the sauce of my Tacos “, among others.

Who is #LadyMarrana?

#LadyMarrana is a young girl from the city of León who with all this hygiene measures to avoid the coronavirus has left much to talk about.

And it is that in a video that she herself uploaded to her social networks it is observed that she is in a taqueria accompanied by some friends and grabs the hand of one of them to put it in a bowl of sauce and immediately remove it of course that the managers of the establishment they didn’t notice and that sauce was left there and someone else could have eaten from that bowl.


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