Laeticia Hallyday: Johnny “reproached” him for not having a biological child


” There is so much unsaid in this family “lamented Laeticia Hallyday in the long interview event that she granted to Etienne Gernelle for the weekly Point April 12, 2018, facing for the first time publicly ” the horrors “for the” smear “in the dispute with Laura Smet and David Hallyday concerning the will of Johnny . On the contrary, she chose to say everything during this interview transcribed in no less than eleven pages.
To tell everything of past complicity and betrayal to say everything about grief and anger, to tell everything about life with his man twenty-three years of love . A husband who could be excessive, possessive, stubborn, capricious, angry, haunted by his demons – and there, ” we were far from poetry “, says the widow of the idol, but also a man whose late paternity had profoundly changed, soothed, healed. the abandonment of Johnny Hallyday by his father , ” trauma ” who ” never let him go “, intervenes from the beginning of the conversation, Laeticia reporting that he” spoke a lot about it “,” with very violent words “sometimes with the help of alcohol, but” in recent years he had managed to find a form of appeasement “she says too:” With Jade and Joy [adopted respectively in November 2004 and December 2008, Ed] he found his place as dad, he healed part of his wounds. He treated abandonment through adoption. His determination [to draft in 2014 his will in favor of Laeticia, Jade and Joy and excluding David and Laura, Ed] come from there. Jade and Joy came at a time when my man had a huge desire for paternity . ”
It created tension in our relationship
Now, if Laeticia Hallyday is convinced of having ” brought to [her] husband what no woman could bring her “he is one thing that he desired and that she was not able to procure for him: a child, sensitive subject …” Me , she reveals transparently, I could not offer him a biological child because I experienced some trauma in my adolescence. I hurt my body. Anorexia had damaged me. It happened to my husband to reproach me for not giving him this child. At the time, it created tensions in our relationship. He needed it to repair some of the pain of his own abandonment, but also because he had not been there for David and Laura. He has borne this guilt all his life. He wanted to be a father again, but a present father, this time. ”
It has been. And now, it’s sort of his daughters aged 13 and 9 who watch over him: ” They imagine it in peace. They continue to write beautiful drawings and words on their pillow. I keep them preciously. These are words full of benevolence, kindness. They were raised like that, in an unconditional love. We must not forget that before they lived the same thing as him: abandonment. They were built like that too. There is so much of it in them! ”
Will there be in the future a continuation to the story of Jade and Joy with their big brother and big sister? Laeticia Hallyday, who assures that she has made every effort to gather this family that she has found ” exploded “after meeting with Johnny, finds that his daughters are suffering from the situation:” After the funeral [in St. Barthelemy], David and Laura promised my daughters to protect them, to be there for them, to call them at Christmas, to come see us in February in Los Angeles, to spend some time with us. None of this happened, and my daughters and I were assigned by my stepchildren! The beautiful promises of St. Barts’ have not been kept. Jade and Joy suffer today. They demand news of their brother and sister. “Back to the box” family exploded “…


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