Laetitia Casta takes a position on the #BalanceTonPorc movement. Very discreet about her private life but also about her opinions, Laetitia Casta expresses little in the press and even less on topics that are controversial. This time, however, the actress wanted to express her point of view on the “#BalanceTonPorc” movement. The actress regrets that in this media storm, the attention is too much on the Hollywood actresses and fears that we come to forget anonymous women who, too, can be victims of harassment. “I take part in several speeches. When I see women beaten to death and not talked about much, that’s what really shocks me. We’re going to talk about Hollywood actresses as victims, yes, but let’s talk about all the victims. But also heroines. These sports who are successful exploits and do not have much media coverage. Let’s talk about everything and I agree! Laetitia Casta said in the columns of the newspaper ” Corsica Morning “. It’s not in aggression that we will get things done The actress continues: “I do not agree with this idea of” #balancetonporc “. After, what’s going to be, swing your slut? It is not in aggression that we will move things forward, it is not in the hatred of man. How can we give so much power to others? We are responsible for ourselves. We are big enough to say what we want! I do not consider myself a feminist but a woman. Women need not be afraid to take their place. ” The “#BalanceTonPorc” movement began a few weeks after the Harvey Weinstein affair. A journalist from the Audiovisual Newsletter, Sandra Muller, had urged Internet users to denounce the sexual assaults they were subjected to thanks to this unequivocal hashtag. The word finally released on social networks, for several days, hundreds of testimonies flocked.

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