Lagalla deserted the commemoration: “I will not expose Palermo to potential violence”

«In the past few hours I had a telephone conversation with Professor Falcone to announce with regret the impossibility of participating in the demonstration commemorating the thirty years of the Capaci massacre. I was forced to take this decision to avoid that some troublemaker, sensitive to the charm of certain ferocious words, could stain one of the most important symbolic moments of our city ». Thus the center-right candidate for mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla, after the controversy over the support of Totò Cuffaro and Marcello dell’Utri.

«Yesterday from the same stage where the celebrations of Giovanni Falcone, Francesca Morvillo and the men of the escort will be held – he continues – a premeditated moral lynching was carried out against me, disguised as a theatrical play. It is not my intention to expose Palermo to potential violence. It is my duty to safeguard its image in front of the highest offices of the state and the entire country. I am deeply saddened by the climate of hatred that someone is fueling instrumentally. I hope that from tomorrow we will talk about Palermo and the ideas for its rebirth. I will certainly continue to do so ».

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