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Laila Taher in an interview for "the seventh day": The oldest of the "tree of the dir" because it is a model of the power of women .. All the information written in the Internet is false and false .. I produced 6 works and lost because of my experience in marketing

– Artist Shadia helped me in the beginning of my life and has a position I will not forget

The great and capable artist Laila Taher is distinguished from her entire generation of artists with an easy performance, abstaining from cinema and a strong presence in the theater and television. She also adds to her diversity in the roles she offers and has recently honored at the Sharm El-Sheikh International Theater Festival for her work, »Interviewed after honoring her to reveal many secrets, positions and many artistic opinions .. And the text of the dialogue.

There is a lot of false information about the artist Laila Taher spread on the Internet .. What is the reason?

I do not know, but a lot of information about the Internet has already been fabricated and lies. For example, my real name is written wrong, because my name is Sherweet Mustafa Fahmy, although it is written on the Internet. I do not know where they came from Ibrahim and Maktoob that I started as a presenter and then joined the acting, Where I was at the beginning of the school, and then entered the world of cinema, and then appeared television, and was at that time frequented that works on television will not work in the cinema because the television enters every house or the name of Leila Taher was chosen by the great producer Ramses Najib It is the name of one of the heroines of the novel of Yusuf al-Sebaie.

Recently honored by the Sharm El-Sheikh International Festival of Youth Theater, what prompted you to accept this honor and what do you think of the festival after attending its activities?

A festival unique and important because it is a pure youth industry with the use of adults and greats in the theater to transfer their experiences to the new generation. I accepted the honor because it is a festival that serves the Arab and international theater. I see that the festival during its last years attracted a large number of Arab and international theater figures. And thousands of men and youth of the theater, and here we must thank his boss Mazen Gharabawi, and the artist Mohamed Sobhy, Chairman of the Supreme Committee of the festival and also the able artist Samyha Ayoub, the honorary president.

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Why do you find in your career the periods of departure and return?

I do not go out of the theater because I love him, and the first thing that I found an opportunity to join the television theater I participated because I feel happy and I stand on stage especially when the work is well not rejected, and presented several important personalities on the stage, including Ophelia in the play "Hamlet" »In the play« Othello »also presented the character« Umm Hamlet »when presented his personality in front of the artist Fathi Abdel Wahab This experience was a very important and proud.

I have done six production experiments, but why did not your production experience continue?

Because I lost, I was not too lazy to work and I brought in great actors, but my problem was in marketing. I am an artist and not an art dealer. But art is an industry that needs marketing. I have produced series, produced plays and sometimes I was lucky and well marketed. I advise artists who accept the production experience as long as they do not know the subject do not venture because production is an adventure.

On the occasion of honoring you on the precious land of Sinai, why is there no great work that embodies the October War and our victory over Israel?

The October Triumph I wish to give him a strong action that reflects the event and knows the generations who did not attend the event, but it will only be provided through the state and the artists may take part of their wages in order to get a great work like this.

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Many wonder about the secret of keeping your body .. What do you do?

I do not do anything at all, but "fill our Lord" I keep what I built and God of grace and I in my nature and my life I do not like to watch and never smoke and I do not know the taste of "cigarette" for example and maintain the health always, in addition to exercise and satisfaction and reconciliation with the self and satisfied with God Happiness and satisfaction appear to me.

What is the unforgettable situation while working in the theater?

The artist Hamdy Ghaith in the theater I consider a giant and was the director of the world theater in my early and I was very afraid of him in the play of the plays I was working with him but I was very sick and rose temperature and voice «Rah» and asked my friend to contact him to inform him apologetic about being in the theater that day My friend called him, but he shouted at the phone when he learned the news and asked me to make it myself. There is nothing to prevent you on the stage except death and asked for my presence and summoned me to a doctor standing in the scenes and thus taught me a lesson I do not forget until today is that the theater has a sanctity different from all means of art, theater sanctity is very severe, and I actually went to the theater and took an injection and helped my colleagues, He told the audience before the beginning of the drama that I was sick, I came to respect the public, and asked the public to accept me in these satisfactory circumstances and told them that if you wanted to leave the theater and retrieve the tickets, we would do so.

Why did you have a fear of the experience of "soft hands"?

The film "Soft Hands" was my second experience in cinema and when I was shown I was very happy because it was a huge film but I was very apprehensive about the experience involving big giants. I had a sense of horror and went to the director Mahmoud Zulfikar and I told him I'm very fearful and I'm still at the beginning of the road. He said to me, "You are a very good actress, and we chose you for our trust in you." He said to me, "I have worked with the great, but with the young one, I will take you and pray."

One of the important experiences in your career is the "Shalash Family" series. Why did not this experience repeat itself with the same success?

The first time I was a serious person and very violent and encouraged me and served me in the presentation of that character artist Salah Zulfikar was an artist is a person who has no selfishness in the work, and likes to have in front of him in the work and gives any representative with energy and also director Mohamed Nabih was And we were conducting proofs on the television work as a theater and we keep the dialogue full and there was no montage, we would have been wrong to return from the first scene and help some well This was one of the most successful experiences on television and we were working in the spirit of the family and so was a smooth and simple serial, .

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What is the personality that Laila Taher dreams of embodying?

The character of the tree of the time I dream of presenting it either in theater or in the cinema or through a series I love that strong personality It holds the power of women has assumed the rule of Egypt and was a knight planning for war and very educated and the theme «Clap» is a marginal topic.

Why not write works for the current age of artist Laila Taher?

There is already injustice to this age in writing and ask in that book adults, but this age is not interested in it at all and even from the stage offers such as the rotation of the actor or actress are to carry out the process of production as provided by Farid Shawqi work of his production also provided Samira Ahmed, But we suffer from that problem in the Egyptian and Arab art and its solution also in the hands of the state must return to production.

I have passed through different generations, what is the difference between the generations in which they appeared?

Since the beginning of my appearance there have been giants working in love at work and I have not seen a representative looking for his reward or he is «Tiger 1» and they were all «Tiger 1» and did not find one of them said about himself I «tiger 1» The great artist contained the youngest and the majority was The new stars, such as I am at the beginning of my life and I was still a student at the Faculty of Social Work and I was representing with the great Shadia Fakablani producer and said to me: «Azi Madhma Madhah Madhya Shadia Jet two hours» and I cried for my feelings of guilt and went to the dressing room to prepare quickly but I could not Stop crying and this thing bothered the man who was putting me make-up and suddenly found the artist She said to Mmekir: «You are doing a lassa Badri Sibha Sibha and took me to her room and sat with me and Dardst with me and here began to stop my tears and prepared a cup of coffee with her to calm down and said to me Entrish I came Badri and then photographed with me the best days of my life in photography».

But today compared to this situation, you find all representatives come on time and wait for the star and the first to come to find the whole Plateau electrified and say «Professor Jahlh Bina Nasur» As if the waiting are not professors and great artists, respect and appreciation has become rare.

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Why have not you been molded into the quality of certain roles and have been diverse in presenting your roles?

I was always looking for a difficult role and I reject the roles that look like me. I was always looking for a different role and in television I was playing the roles I wanted and sometimes I chose the role of the script contrary to what I was nominated for. In one series I was nominated for the role of aristocratic lady, The role of a popular girl in a neighborhood living above the surface asked to present this role, although it is not the tournament and will not marry that hero character, and despite the rejection of the producer, director Hamada Abdul Wahab insisted on this role as provided a character «Khawaja» in the film «husband on vacation» and was different Of what it has already provided.

If you were not an actress, what would you like?

I wanted to be a doctor who treated patients and I was in school. Teachers always wrote to me, "Dr. Sheruet," from the many things I wanted to be a doctor, but in high school I chose to enter the literary stage to be with my classmates.

What are the reasons for your recent departure from the art scene?

The artist, who preserves his art and respects his history, is supposed to be moving away. The climate has become different, but if it is a role and a team that I respect, I have no objection to cooperating with them. Being there for the purpose is not my goal. With me will not add me new.



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