Lajcsi tricked everyone well with his hospital charade, he escaped here from prison

Lajcsi acts out the death of the swan, then goes on a trip to Vértes. He’s doing everything he can to avoid going to jail.

Lajcsi Lajcsi’s calvary is slowly appearing in the media on a daily basis, and the trumpeter makes sure that he is the subject. As we wrote, the musician was supposed to go to prison today and begin the 3 years and 6 months sentence imposed on him. But that didn’t happen.

Lajcsi Lajzi was not bound by what time he had to go to prison on the day of his enlistment, so there is practically no earth-shattering extremity in the matter. However, according to press reports, Lajcsi did not appear at the Kecskemét prison because he was hospitalized in the meantime.

Will they issue an arrest warrant against Lajcsi Lajzi?  The Hungarian entertainer did not go to prison

Will they issue an arrest warrant against Lajcsi Lajzi? The Hungarian entertainer did not go to prison

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Lajcsi Lajcsi’s health is not the best, and according to the news, his lung disease has recurred. Opinions are divided on whether it is possible to postpone going to prison because of these health problems, but according to legal experts, this could be a good reason if Lajcsi is really sick.

“According to the law, in the case of a prison sentence of more than two years, a postponement of enlistment is only given for a very good reason, but even in the case of a sentence of not more than two years, the sentencing judge usually decides to grant a postponement only in very rare and justified cases. The reason can be serious, e.g. an illness that cannot be treated within the framework of institutions, or a family reason. In the case of the former, the opinion of the attending physician is not enough. In such cases, a forensic medical expert is appointed, since the judge cannot independently decide whether the application is legitimate or not. I would like to add here that the prison hospital covers quite a wide spectrum of diseases, that is, they can effectively treat almost all health problems. By the way, the submission of the request does not have a deferral effect in itself, but the complainant usually gets into the hands of an expert very quickly, that is, it is decided relatively quickly whether a request for a postponement is justified”

said dr. András Gerentcsér, lawyer a For pepper.

Lajcsi also made an interesting phone call to the newspaper, but he did not answer, only a cough was heard, the sound of CT machines in the background, a thank you was said, and then the musician hung up.

“Don’t be afraid Lajcsi, we’re looking forward to it!” – the Kecskemét prisoners message Lajos Galambos

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However, the matter is further complicated. Because the Glance one of its readers accidentally “ran into” Lajcsi in Vértes, so it became clear to everyone that the musician is not in the hospital and is doing very well. A photograph was also taken of the incident, which clearly shows that the musician is really on it. Lajcsi did not comment on the matter and reportedly turned off his phone so as not to be harassed by journalists. The only problem with this “escape” is that the musician got away with it, because in this way he takes away the right to the supposed release, i.e. he cannot visit home from prison from time to time, and in case of good behavior, he also risked an early departure with this self-exclusion.

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