Lakers value $ 5.5 billion in sale of Anschutz to Dodgers owners

The Los Angeles Lakers were valued at $ 5.5 billion during the sale of Philip Anschutz’s 27% stake to Los Angeles Dodgers owners Mark Walter and Todd Boyle. The price paid by Walter and Boehly is not yet known as non-controlling interests (the Buss family owns 66%) in equipment that is generally sold at a discount.

It was the news of the sale first mentioned By Sportico Friday with Another Story By Sportico yesterday revealed the names of the buyers and said the valuation of the deal by the NBA team was around $ 5 billion. But sources familiar with the sale confirmed to me that the project was worth $ 5.5 billion to the Lakers.

Based on the 2019-20 season, the last season before the pandemic, the rating places a $ 5.5 revenue multiplier of 12.7 for the Lakers, and that multiplier is only surpassed by the 13.7-time purchase of Steve Ballmer of Los Angeles. Clippers in 2014. The Rating shows the huge bonuses that are earned Pay the great teams on the market. For example, buying a Utah Jazz for $ 1.66 billion In October, the team was valued at 6.4 times pre-pandemic revenue. As previously awaiting the sale of Minnesota Timberwolves for approximately $ 1.5 billion, also in multiples of 6.4.

In February, we evaluated the Lakers at $ 4.6 billion, the third most in the NBA. But since then, talks have intensified over the upcoming deal with the league’s national media and people familiar with the negotiations say the annual value could more than double. $ 2.67 billion One year in the 2024-25 season.

As for financing the purchase of 27% of the Lakers Mark Walter, CEO of Guggenheim Partners He has the advantage of using other people’s money. He and his original partners used nearly $ 1.4 billion in insurance and hedge funds to fund their Dodgers purchases for nearly a decade.

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