Lakučs denies manipulation of the start barrier and could challenge the disqualification – Cycling –

It has already been reported that on September 21 of this year, the Latvian Cycling Federation announced six month disqualifications sentencing BMX coach Ivo Lakučas.

“The presence of Ivo Lakuč and Kristen Krieger on the track in the UEC European Cycling Union European Cup BMX Cycling during the 11th stage after the official training races and at a time when the track is closed to other athletes and coaches is not justified and does not comply with the principles of “fair play” in sports,” it was said at the time said in the announcement of the LRF board meeting.

On July 15, LRF received an electronically signed submission from five associations regarding the possible manipulation of the starting barrier by coaches Ivo Lakuč and Kristen Krieger in the 11th and 12th stages of the European Cup, which took place on June 25 and 26. The initiator of the submission was BMX coach Miks PuĪtis, who revealed in the story prepared by LTV that he had collected sufficient evidence, but the Cycling Federation did not collect it from him. Pučītis had approached the engineer of the manufacturer of the start barrier, who confirmed the possible manipulations in a reply letter. “This letter makes it clear that based on the evidence I received, these barrier settings were changed.”

These actions are denied by the disqualified Lakučs, who reveals that it was autogenic training for the athlete he led. “I use the start barrier as a means of autogenic training, where you have to drive the start in your head, where you have to make movements and react, which is also his biggest disadvantage as an athlete in some sense.” The titled coach denied that he could have manipulated the start barrier. “I didn’t influence. It cannot be done, it was not my intention to do it. It was just to determine what the output of its console was.”

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In recent years, there have been various conflicts in the BMX family, and in many of them Lakučs has been in the middle. ”A lot of places he plays on the edge or tests it. People don’t like it, opponents are looking for opportunities to slander,” says Artis Ozols, representative of the Latvian Cycling Federation, about the situation.

There are possible contradictions in its decision on disqualification. It was accepted by the LRF council, although the statutes of the association do not reserve such powers for it at all. Decisions on disciplinary punishments can only be taken by the LRF board, moreover, only its members or legal entities can be punished. This leads to the conclusion that Ivo Lakuča as a natural person could not be disqualified at all. “I have not delved into the legal aspects – I could or could not. The council has always decided all the serious issues as it did this time,” the LRF representative commented on the situation.

Lakučs himself does not rule out that he could challenge the disqualification imposed on him, but for now he has not fully decided on such a step.