Lalba apologizes for "family restriction" at the last minute

06:51 PM

Wednesday 07 November 2018

Arabic Books Mr.:
The artist apologized for the participation in the series "family constraint" before the start of filming her role a few days, after reading the script and found that the role is not appropriate, according to sources in the company producing the series.
The sources said Lamasrawi, Wednesday, that the company is currently communicating with other artists, to hire them to work after the apology of a number of stars.
The series was named "The White House" but was changed to "Family Records".
The work was written by Mohamed Rajaa and directed by Tamer Hamza. A large number of artists, including Mervat Amin, Bossi, Salah Abdallah, Anam Salousa, Simon, Meryhan Hussain, Donia Abdel Aziz, Reem El Baroudi, Menna Fadali and Amira Hani participated.


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